Mommy?s Special Baby

26-Feb-88 to 8-Feb-05

pet photo

Tesa was the light of my life. She came to me when she was only 7 weeks old. Oh what a doll baby she was...and what a handfull too. She was the first and only furbaby that I have ever had. We experienced so many things together, like hanging off of the curtains at 3 o?clock in the morning, or getting shut in a drawer in the kitchen...but we both survived. Together we got married, we were together to bring our kittens (my human babies) home from the hospital. We moved across country several times and even went to Disneyworld together. But there?s nothing like the times, when the house was quiet, and the family was in bed, and we shared that time together. Curled up with each other sharing a love that was not shared with anyone else. Tesa gave me seventeen of the most amazing years, she taught me so many of life?s lessons...the most important lesson of all...unconditional love! Bless your heart dear Tesa, Mommy loves you.