Casey Our Special Boy...Gone But Not Forgotten

2-Jan to FEBRUARY 5th, 2005

pet photo

Casey...our Golden Retriever entered our life in July 2004 when we rescued him from a humane society. He was our handsome boy, and loved life. Casey had many challenges and hurdles which he had overcome during his time with us, but sadness came in February 2005 when we had to say goodbye to our special boy. Casey loved playing in the water, going on long walks with his daddy and playing with his treasured Kong. His favourite stuffed friend was his pink monkey. Casey was always by his mommy_s side when she needed him most and welcomed her home each night with excitment and kisses. He loved falling asleep at our feet and was a great "cook" in the kitchen...testing whatever mommy had made for dinner! Casey_s favourite friend was Alli another Golden Retriever- the two always had so much fun at the cottage chasing each other and swimming. Casey will be missed by his mommy, Katye and his Daddy, Peter. He will also be missed by Gammi and Gammpy (Lynn and Mart), Alli, and Aunt Amy and Uncle Pat. Casey is gone...but will never be forgotten and is in our hearts forever.