A caring dog always deserving the best

1-Jan to January 1st 2005

pet photo

Luna is the most wonderful and sweet dog I_ve ever known. Beautiful with brown locks of fur on her chest, she_ll be ready to pounce on anyone in joy and happiness, just to have more human companions around. She_s greedy but that_s just her nature. Besides, she looks really adorable as she snatches for food and gobbles them up quickly.

She has a forlorn look on her face at times and it_s as if she_s pondering about life_s wonders. She does look wise beyond her years.

Luna may not have belong to me but the few times which I_ve seen and played with her is enough for me to feel for her and thought it would be appropriate to have a memorial to remember her by. She_s a loving dog, without any complains or whatsoever. She deserves the best in life for what she has done and for the way she was.

May God bless you, Luna.