In Memory Of Dayzie, The Horse Of Many Talents

6/15/81 to 1/5/97

pet photo

The loss of an animal has always been hard for me to deal with, but none as hard as the abrupt loss of my cherished horse, Dayzie. She was really something special. From showing English and Western to Rodeo and playing polo for Oregon State University, she could and did "it all". I am not sure if I will every get over this loss, and I will never forget what happened on Christmas Eve Day of 1997. On Christmas Eve Day, we let the horses out in the pasture. When I looked out to check the horses, I noticed that my horse, Dayzie was galloping strangely, as if she couldn't move her hind leg. It took us an hour to limp her into her stall, and it brings tears to my eyes to remember the pain and fear she conveyed in her eyes. We tried for three days, keeping her comfortable and warm, but the high leg fracture wouldn't heal. Her euthanasia was the hardest thing for me, and the vet must think that I am a lunatic for the hysteria I went into. I don't know where my horse went to, or what happened to her body. This will be her permanent grave besides in my heart always. Thank you.

Forest Grove