In loving memory of the most loving, adorable cat

9-Aug-03 to 9-Sep-04

pet photo

Britney is my true friend, who loved me unconditionally. Through thick & thin, he is there to comfort me, accepts my faults and somewhat made me a better person because of his loving and sweet ways. When I go to work, he wakes up with me and tried his best to escort me as far as he can go. When I arrive from work, he is there to greet me at the house gate or just ourside the gate waiting for me and somewhat asks me, "where have you been?", or "how is your day?",or "I miss you today?". He brought out the loving and sensitive nature of my personality. When he looks at me with his intelligent blue eyes, he always says to me, "I trust & love you so much".

Britney, I miss you so much. No one can replace you inside my heart. There is always a special place in my heart & in my mind for you. I love you my beautiful cat!!!