I hardly knew you

unknown to Spring 2004

pet photo

Firefly was a free bunny i took at the show. She was initially going to be a trade for my dutch dwarf buck, Denver. But the owner said he was gonna go for meat. So i turned him down. He sent the bunny my way anyways, i had no idea. I couldnt say no to her, she was heavily pregnant and had no home. I had limited space at my rabbitry, but i couldnt resist this little charlie. I took her home and awaited her litter. She never kindled so i got worried. Then i just figured it was a miscarriage or abortion. I didnt think of it and rebred her to my buck Denver. She never kindled again, and i could of sworn i felt kits inside her. So i just thought maybe she was refusing to take. I was planning in rebreeding her later on in the month, to give her some rest. Shortly after this i found her dead in her cage. I had no idea why, she had shelter,food and water. I still dont know why she died, maybe she couldnt pass the kits i thought never were made. I hardly knew her but i will always remember the white masked bunny that i just couldnt say no to.