July 27, l986 to 17-Jul-04

pet photo

Miyagi was the most gentle dog I have ever had. When we got Cassy about a year after Miyagi, she was very picky about eating so he would stand back from his food and bark at her to eat first. She did and then he would eat. He always let her have his new toys, except one.LOL He had a little orange mouse we called Micky mouse. He would growl at her that she could not have that one little toy.
He was also the strongest little fighter for his life. He was diagnosed with Bladder cancer over a year ago. Most dogs only live to about six months with it. He lived over a year. He also had Cushings diease and a heart mummur. We had good days and a few bad. One time when it was really bad and he had quit eating for a couple of days and seemed weak, we said that Monday morning we would have to take him to the vet for that final trip. He must have heard us, because that Monday morning he got up and ate so good. He was telling us he was NOT ready to go.
We will miss you forever little fellow. Go be with Cassy at the bridge. She will now have her friend back after almost four years.
Abby misses you now. She has been lying her head on your pillow and sleeping where you usually slept.
Some day we will see you again.
Love Mommy, Daddy and Abby

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