In Loving Memory of My Little Girl, Princess

Summer of 2001 to unknown

pet photo

Princess was an adorable little cow. I got her when I was 11. We had tons of wonderful memories together. I tought her how to walk on a lead rope. We would go all over the pasture together. I spent almost every minute of my summer with her. From dawn until dusk, we were together. Her mom had died when she was a baby and i got to raise her. I bottle fed her for a long time, but she never really took to feed. We tried all sorts of feed but it just did not work. All that she wanted was the bottle. My dad had been telling me all along that we would have to sell her because she was not getting big enough, but I just didn_t listen. About a year after I got her my dad said that it was time. My poor little baby had to be sold. I was trying to convince myself that she would go to a good home, but on the inside I knew the truth. It was almost 100% sure that she was going to the butcher. The day that we sold her, I sat on the front porch staring down the driveway watching my little baby slip away from my sight. That was the last time I ever saw her. I remember crying until I couldn_t cry anymore. And until this day, I still don_t know whether or not she was ever killed at the butcher or if she did go to a home. I do not go by a day without thinking of her, and that was almost three years ago. I just hope that she knows that I love her and I miss her truely. Don_t ever forget me, Princess. I won_t ever forget you!

Love You Always,