Dark Star

She had a Big Heart

Oct-96 to 23-Apr-04

pet photo

Santa Claus brought Dark Star for my son P.J. I remember P.J. saying " this gift is moving". She was the best friend to my Belgian Sheppard and probably kept old Shally on her feet for many extra years. Star definitely did not like other dogs but she loved people, my kitties and ferrets. Her nature was gentle and she took care of all my other pets by loving them and giving them kisses. The cats were always wet with strange hairdos. We_d call her -Star the "Codependent Bitch". At night she would go from room to room making sure everyone was safe and everything in good order. Star_s favorite toy was any tennis ball. We called them her "chewies" and she would dive after her chewies off the highest dock into the Intracoastal waterway. Sheppards are loyal dogs and I_ll miss her being under my feet,in my car, on the bed or where ever else she could be close to me.

St. Augustine