Rest in peace my furry friend.

May 11,1998 to December 23,1998

pet photo

On May 21,1998,my friend & I were walking into the house,I don't know why,
but I looked under the porch steps,I thought I heard something.As I looked down,I saw a small,thin,mud-covered kitten.He was a black kitten with long
hair.I picked him up & he started to purr.He had a rather loud purr.I fed him some cream,which he drank readily.He had only been with us for 4 days when he got off the porch & my Dalmatian,Lady,got him down & pulled out most of his fur.He looked so pitiful
without his fur.But,I loved him none the less.He grew bigger each day.He loved the outdoors,so,I finally let him stay out,since I live on a farm.Well,we took him to the vet in the winter,because his breathing wasn't right.She said he needed an opersation because he had a diaphramic hernia.Well,I wanted a second vet to look him over.He was at the vet 13 days,he came home,& 2 days later,he died.We called the vet on the 26th to ask them what might have happened,they seemd to be surprised,even thuogh we called them that night that he died & told them we had an emergency,& explained to them,but they just said to come in tomorrow,well,the closest vet after that would have been closed by the time we got there,so,he died,right there,in front of our eyes.It was real hard to watch him just slip away like that though.