My Best Friend Forever

1990 to 10/27/00

pet photo

Apache came to us 3 1/2 yrs. ago at age 7. We had just had our 14yr. old euthanized and my friend knew we had always wanted a basset hound. A breeder was looking for a home for her (she was a retired champion) because she was done showing her & Apache didn't like having puppies. From the minute she ran out of her crate into our laps we never looked back. She was the most wonderful, loving, kindest animal I've ever had. She loved my husband but was especially attached to me. She would sit beside the tub when I bathed, whine when I talked on the phone & her favorite activity was to sit on my lap (all 50lbs. of her) and stare into my eyes. I grieved over Rusty, who we had for 14yrs., and over Dolly (who we had euthanized in June after 10yrs) but it was nothing like this. I miss her desperately. Maybe because she was so dependent. We held her in our arms & looked into her eyes as she left us & told her how much we loved her & I know that someday be with
them again. Apache, you will always be my best friend.....you're our angel. About 2 weeks before this had gotten a 4yr. old beagle that had been abandoned named Missy.