2/20/87 to 1/9/04

pet photo

Stripe was my baby. I have children, but Stripe had been through everything in my life right next to me. He was always there to make me feel better about everything. He waited by the door nightly for me to come home and would bother me until I laid down to go to sleep and he would jump right up and curl up next to me. The night he passed he was waiting for me, I commented that he didn_t look well. He said goodbye and laid at my feet and passed. I knew it would someday but I was never completely ready for it. I just hope he knows how much he meant to me and I will always have a special place in my heart for my spying one-eyed kitty. Please let me know you are still watching over us and you will always be a part of me FOREVER!! I LOVE YOU STRIPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!