Miss and Love Forever

15/6/1999 to 15/1/2004

pet photo

Spot, you came to me in 1999 September 16, 3 days after my birthday as a gift from Alvin. He was worried that i might be lonely so he brought me to get you. I was so happy when i brought you home. Finally! i have my own dog!
I had fun house-training you although i was pissed when you stole my food sometimes! You grew up to be an obedient dog and you always had me laughing with your special TURBO RUN and MOP THE FLOOR dance move. I love spending my free time with you although you hardly see me till night. I love your big brown bright eyes.
Sadly, I had to say goodbye to you on 15 Jan 2004 at a very young age of 4+. I missed the nights when you came and snuggled close to me, running to me on stormy nights, jumping sky high when i came back from holidays.
I miss you so much....but i knew that you are much better now. We will always remember you, our beloved, faithful family member.