Bruno dear

Friend for ever

1st Oct-1989 to 13th Jan-2004

pet photo

Dear Friends ,

This site is dedicated to our pet dog who passed away today i.e 13th January Tuesday 2004 2:30PM IST, Mulund-Mumbai-India.

Mr.G.H .Jagtap, Yashwant Jagtap,Dilip Jagtap, Shobha Jagtap.

About Bruno:

Bruno was born on Oct-1989 in Mulund-Mumbai-India.

Through out his life time he was with us like a family member and we all were very attached with Bruno.

Especially my DAD & Brother loved him like anything.

During his total life span he never troubled us by any way as normal dogs/pets do.

We are deeply moved by his death today.

I request the Almighty-GOD to rest his soul in peace.

I dedicate many things to my pet with whome I shared my dreams, sorrows, joy,food and emotions. I had special attachment with him because In my life I have faced many difficult situations, crying like situations but I always used to cry in front of my BRUNO who used to watch me and kiss me or wag his tail conveying his sympathy. I have cried in front of him almost 7 times in my life during my failures in life but he was my inspiration there was something in him which use to refuel my energy !!

Whomsoever happens to visit this site please pray for the well being of our Bruno in the heaven, this is my sincere request to you all.

I love you Bruno-Bruno mama-Bonsi Buddy-Sonu Mama-Sonpatli-Bonushu-Sveetizua tula kai zhale re...

Yashwant Jagtap/Dilip Jagtap/Daddy/Aai