Dramatica (Syrahbi)

My Special Little Boy

Mar-00 to January 18 2001

pet photo

My sweet little Syrahbi. I wish things could_ve been different for you. I had to become your mom when you were only 3 months old because your real mom was sold. I know this wasn_t fair to you. I loved you though. I still love you. I enjoyed teaching you how to run. I enjoyed teaching you about your world(and your reflection in a mirror). I miss the times you took naps with your head in my lap(even though it meant that I had to sit there far longer than I wanted to), the running and playing out on the trail, the times I would come into the barn and you would be so excited to see me that you would stand as tall as you possibly could to look for me over your stall door and whinny, and the times you would see me coming to your paddock and you would gallop as fast as your little legs would carry you(whinnying the whole time). I even miss the times you used to frustrate me so when you were a little, little guy because you were to afraid to stay in the pasture by yourself and I had to stay with you so you wouldn_t panic and cry out for me to come back. I was glad when you became a _big boy_ and could stay out there by yourself.:) I remember sitting in the pasture and the furthest you would go from me would be about 20 feet. Every so often you would run up to me and nicker to see that I was still there. I even miss the times you were obnoxious and naughty, and even the 2 times you tried to destroy my cell phone because it was taking away from your attention. I feel flattered that you needed me like you did; even when it meant I had to sleep in your stall with you(vet_s orders because of separation anxiety). I miss your kisses. I look forward to being reunited with you at the Rainbow Bridge. Till then, I love you my handsome little son.
Love, Mom and Uncle Bill