Jaguar Angel

25th April, 2000 to 7th Octobe, 2003

pet photo

7th Oct., 2003 was a horrible day, our beloved angel Jaguar died from pesticides poisoning. My sister and I bought Jaguar after my dad. passed away, so my mom. won_t be that lonely. It turned out Jaguar wasn_t only my mom._s companion, he actually became the major bond that holds the family together; we would spend 95% of our time together talking about Jaguar; at one point, my sis._ boss asked her whether she is truly married, because obviously all she talked about everyday was Jaguar. Jaguar was a very smart and sweet angel, he knew my sister-in-law likes to sleep-in during weekends, so he would rather wait (to be walked) than wake her up.
We_ve already brought Jaguar_s cremate home, and my mom. has decided to place _him_ in his favourite place - his toy corner.
Jaguar, thank you for bringing us so much laughter, and thank you for being such a sweet dog for the past 3 years, we will all miss you, and will think of you all the time.