Babe, My Sweet Gentle Giant

1997 to 9/29/03

pet photo

I am writing this with the saddest of hearts. Although I was not the legal owner of Babe, a male Pit Bull, I was the one who took care of him for 4 years. He had very irresponsible owners who were too selfish to give him to me or even sell him to me; Me, being the person who made sure he had clean water and food everyday. Me, who gave him backrubs and kisses and who got slobbery kisses in return. Me, who bought him a new Igloo doghouse and always kept it filled with cedar chips cause he loved jumping in the house when I first would put the chips in and would make himself a nice cosy spot. His owners were mad at one another and one of them let him loose to try and get back at the other one. I got a call at work letting me know that Babe was waiting by my front porch. Before I could get home from work he was hit by a car. The only thing the owners did that day was kill a part of me because they had never taken care of Babe anyway. I know that it_s Me that Babe will be waiting for at Rainbow Bridge with slobbery kisses and am quite certain he will want and get a backrub. The only comfort I can find is that I thank God that Babe knew that I loved him very much and that he knew love and affection because I taught him that and I taught him also that not all people were like his irresponsible owners. There will not be a day that goes by that I won_t think of Babe, my sweet gentle giant. I will miss him so much.

Mount Juliet