You_ll Always Be Mommy_s Little Baby

2-Jan to 20-Sep-03

pet photo

I never had a pet in my life and Pooh-chan, a cute and beautiful Russian dwarf was my first. At the pet shop, she was the only hamster being placed together with a guinea pig. I found her so adorable that I took her home. My husband and I didn_t want to keep her in a confined cage so we bought an enclosure which has lots of space to run around and everyday, I would play with her, held her and kissed her. She brought me joy and even my husband felt the same way. I would give her treats at times and her favourite food apart from hamster_s food, were cooked rice, noodles, cheese and sweet peas. She was a good companion when I was feeling down. Her cute face really made my day. I had her for 1 year and 4 months. The she became sick recently, I took her to the vet and later, my husband and I took turns to wake up in the night to feed her medicine and fluid. We thought she might be able to pull through but after 48hours, she passed away. I_ll always remember how she would run out of her little box house whenever we called her and how she would climb onto my hand when I played with her. I couldn_t accept she_s gone, she must have known her time is up. Few days before she was ill, she hardly comes out of her house and I feel really guilty about whether I should have been more observant in her health situations.She was lying on the soft bedding and what saddens me most is when I looked at her, she opened her eyes and looked right back at me,like she was trying to tell me she couldn_t make it and she is sad too that she_s leaving us. She passed away at 7.30am on a Saturday morning with my husband and I close by her side. She looked like she was sleeping and when I touched her, her body was still warm. We placed her in a box and put her favourite nuts and beans and wrote a message for her. We buried her under a tree and planned to go see her a week later. I_m in complete shock.I kept asking myself if I could have done something earlier to save her. I can never get another hamster becos_ in my heart, she_s irreplaceable. The one and only hamster I_ll always love and ever owned. I hope that when I_ve travelled the last mile of my life in future, she_ll at the end of the Rainbow Bridge waiting for me so we can be reunited. Rest in peace, my precious baby, I know you_re well and is running around with plenty of food and friends up there. Love you always......