Pilvi, beloved old cat, terror of the nokkahiiri

spring 1987 to June 2 2003

pet photo

It_s hard to imagine that a cat could have such dimensions of character as our Pilvi. Born in rude circumstances on a farm in Central Finland (not Sweden!), abandoned by her mother and rescued by my wife, her place in our hearts was secured by a combination of kittenish wildness in her early years, feline attitude throughout and calm dignity in her later years.

Cats are said to have nine lives and I?m sure that Pilvi used up all hers in her time on earth.
Even though I wasn?t there at her end, illness taking away any remaining quality of life she had, her heart still beat strong right to the last.

We all miss her terribly. I still hope to see her taking her measured steps across the road to our house but know sadly, that will never be again.

Farewell our Pilvi - our family has lost a dear member.

In loving memory

Mark, Hetamari, Jade and Cara

Espoo, Finland