My Buddy

1-Jun to 13-Jan-03

pet photo

Most people would not have heard of this dog breed - Coton De Tuleur. It is quite rare and even more so in Singapore. However, I did not get him due to his _rarity_.

Coton has no dander, which is one of the most important reason (cause my family is ?known? to have sensitive nose, aka allergy). After searching for 2 months plus, I chance upon a breeder in Sweden who?s willing to export him over to me (Most breeders are not willing to do that. If you try going to pet shops, I expect them to say ?Har? What breed is that?? most of the time.)

I was thrilled, (the process was nonetheless tiring. Getting the papers done, visiting him at quarantine and not to mention the fees...)eventually I got him home in 18 Nov 2001 (Just 1 day after my birthday).

He?s a charmer. Almost all who saw him cannot resist his charm. He?s intelligent too, he learns most basic commands within a week. Somehow or other, he?s very much attached to me (He wouldn?t even touch his food if I?m not around). We sleep together every night.

Just when you were enjoying every moment, the fatal news came. He vomitted continuously for a couple of days, listless, loss of appetite... I got him to a vet and was told that it may be due to some gas in his stomach. To say the truth, I sort of guessed his condition. Cos? dogs are very human-like. Imagine, vomitting (even without food), blood in stool and vomit, loss of appetite,... it?s signs of kidney failure. I, prayed for the best but things didn?t turn out any better, in fact, it was getting worse.

I rushed him to hospital the third night when his vomitting did not go away (he was on medication to stop vomitting). On the next day, I was told that his kidney did not develop properly, amounting to his inability to clense the blood in his system.

Vet says that I can either continue to put him on drip (forever) or put him to sleep. Then, I can?t help but break down and cry... After 2 hours waiting (Yuski just came out of the surgery), I saw him wrapped in towels, weak. His eyes were weary (due to the effect of anesthetic), I placed my hands on his head and I felt his pain. It was then that I decide to let him rest... I chose to stay by his side during the lethal injection. It was rapid, he breathe quickly and within seconds, he was gone.

I cannot explain how lost and empty I felt. Images of him flashed in my head like a movie. I had countless nights of insomia, thinking that he?ll come back again.

I still keep his bowls, chain and leash, still hoping that we can meet again some day...