Dearest Frietkot, see you in Pet Heaven...

-- to 4/4/03

pet photo

Frietkot arrived in Leuven 6 days ago, on the 29th of March, 2003. He was just a few weeks old, a tiny and very, very, very cute Syrian hamster. We wondered if he missed his hamster friends back at the pet shop. But it didn_t seem so as he was lively and didn_t get tired of running on his green training wheel.

We were delighted to have his company at our lonely apartment. In the morning when we woke up and in the afternoon on our way home from school, we looked forward to touching and watching him sleep, eat, drink and play.

3 or 4 days later he showed signs of illness - he shivered and slept a lot even at night. He didn_t run on his wheel anymore. Only last night did we realize that he was very weak and was about to leave us. We tried to keep him clean and warm, and searched on the net what we should do to help him. He was having a lot of diffculty breathing and we felt terrible watching him suffer like that.

This morning when we woke up he had already left for Pet Heaven.

We_ll miss him very, very much but we hope to see him again someday.