Best Dog Ever

-- to 3/31/03

pet photo

Sitka was a great dog. She will be missed by her family, including Kerry, Grandma, Grandpa, Kristin and Nisku. No dog could ever replace her. She loved to go walking, going out to the land, chasing mice, and being petted. She brought joy and love to everyone around her. Even though when she was a pup, she used to run away with her sister, which made her owner very upset.
Sitka was able to bring relief to Grandma because who else would sit that long and listen to Grandpa talk. She kept Kristin and Nisku healthy by going on long walks. But she will never be forgotten by her owner Kerry who gave Sitka his eternal love.
Sitka is now in a better place. Knowing her, she has found Koko and they are chasing a ball together.
You brought joy to everyone you encountered. We love you always and you will not be forgotten.