Our Beloved Cocoa - We Love You

February to 15-Jan-03

pet photo

Our Cocoa was homeless and abused. She came to us 12 years ago. Cocoa was so special, her greatest joy was to be loved and feed. Before we had her she would eat out of garbage cans. At six o?clock every night, Cocoa would talk to you, she was ready to eat. Treats were her greatest joy.
Cocoa was a diabetic the last three years of her life. It was a roller coaster ride every day but with the help of a wonderful vet and the internet we were able to have her with us for 3 more years. If anyone has a diabetic dog, I would be glad to assist with our knowledge. Cocoa never lost control of her kidneys or became blind. Our devotion knew no boundaries. We will miss her. We gave her our hearts.