May we meet again in Heaven my little Angel

2-Jan to December 16th, 2002

pet photo

Holly was a very special little dog. She came from an abused home and wouldnt have anything to do with anyone. She took up with our little five year old daughter. She was the light of all of our lives. She would come up and rub her nose up against our legs if we wasnt paying attention to her or if she wanted to play. My husband works alot at nights and she would always keep me company I know that she couldnt talk but we were so close its like the certain looks she would give or the way she acted it was like we could read her mind. She loved going outside and running she was so happy in the end. She had this personality that I know in my heart that we will never be able to replace her. She always knew if I was down and out or really sad and she would always keep at me until I forgot about what was going on in my life. I will never have the happiness with another animal like I had with her.
She was ran over it killed her instantly. Our whole family is having a real hard time dealing with her death. It has been really hard staying in the house without her. It is also really hard to set here at this computer because she loved to sit in our laps while we was on the computer. Now there is this big void in our lives. I have woke up mini times during the night thinking that I heard her little bark or felt her rub her little nose against my leg. We will miss her so much for a long time to come. May you rest in peace My little Angel. We Love and Miss You so very Much.