In Memory of July Monjure

4-Jul-99 to 13-Nov-02

pet photo

We named our rabbit "July" because he was born on the 4th of July. We also called him "Juki" "Juks" and "Ma-Man". We picked him out of the rest of the baby bunnies at the pet store because he was the cuddliest, calmest, lovable rabbit of them all. He decided to leave us this week very unexpectedly.

He lived a happy life and was very spoiled! He lived in his cage in our living room where we he could always be with us and see everything going on around him. He came with us when we went on vacations. He loved his greens and fruit. Our dog loved to play with him too. He was a very affectionate bunny. I would get the funniest looks when I took him out on his leash to hop around the front yard.

I will never forget him. He is in heaven with Shea, Max, and our other animals that have left us and is hopping around and having fun. Our dog keeps looking for him.

Kisses and hugs to our baby Juks. He was the best rabbit anyone could have. He is missed so much. I wish I could just kiss his face once more!

We Love You & Miss You So Much July!
XOXO Forever. We love you bigger than the Universe!