18-Apr-85 to 22-Nov-93

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My Dad wrote me one letter in my life. The following is the letter. He said good bye to me via the love of a dobe named "Zeke". My Dad was to be gone 4 months later.
November 24, 1993

Dear Bryanne:
Just a short note to share your sadness at this time of loss. Those less fortunates who have never known the love, loyalty, companionship and pure enjoyment you and I have experienced with our "best friend" would never understand. It is their loss, and we are the richer for having known it. Try not to dwell on the sadness of loss, but rather upon the countless hours, days, weeks, months and years of obedient happiness he brought into your life, and remember also that you contributed the same to his. That he was a happy boy is a tribute to your love and devotion for him, and he left with the knowledge that he had to be something special. "How else," he would reason, "was I able to claim a whole couch as my own?"-Time is a great healer, and the pain softens with its passage. You will see, as did I, but I know that's no consolation now. His time had come and you did right by allowing him to depart with the grace and dignity he had earned and so richly deserved. I know also that your loss was Mike's loss, and you are very fortunate to have a good man with whom to share.-
Love, Dad

There you have it. Zeke remains in a can at my side - and Dad is in the Kingdom of Justice.

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