Our Loving Sylvester 1994-2002

Jan-94 to September 17,2002

pet photo

When I found Sylvester he was a scared kitty, a stray. But he was brave and strong and he needed a good home. So I gave him that.
My family made him a part of our home. He was the 3rd child in our family.
He died of cancer but he passed away in his sleep, without any pain. Now our home is empty without him. And it_s difficult for me to sleep in my bed where he used to sleep with me.
I love him and I will never forget him. He was always there for all of us. When I got home from work he was always there to greed me and show me his love.
It_s been one month without him. I miss him.
I will always cherish our moments together and all I can pray for is that he is in peace now watching over us and still giving us his love just us we send him ours.