Lucky (alias

One Great Cat! I still miss you.

Sep-86 to May-00

pet photo

Lucky was the smartest, prettiest cat I ever knew. I picked him from a litter of 10 that someone had thrown away in a dump. A local woman had rescued them and put them up for adoption (thus the name, Lucky). He became the "alpha" pet at our house as over the years, we added other cats and 2 Golden Retrievers. He knew he was my favorite, and always got along with the rest of our pets. He was very, very special. I had him almost 14 years before he was diagnosed with cancer of the jaw. We tried to save him, but it was too far gone, so we made him as comfortable as possible. It broke my heart at the end, and I was very distraught. I know this sounds crazy, but I swear it is true. I was out in our yard several days after he passed away and I was crying, thinking about him. It was a sunny day, clear blue sky, and I looked up to see the only cloud. It was shaped exactly like a sitting cat, with little wings. I was torn between running for the camera and just looking at what I considered a sign that he was ok. I didn_t get the camera, but wish I had now, because nobody believed me. I guess as long as I know it happened, that_s enough. It made me feel a lot better, and even though I still get a tear in my eyes when I think about him, I remember the cloud and it makes me smile. Lucky, you were one GREAT cat.

P.S. On a happier note, I was at the Vet a month ago and noticed a long haired Tabby kitten for adoption that looked a lot like Lucky. I told my husband about it, and the next day when I got home from work, my husband had gotten it for me as a surprise! The cycle begins again...