9-Jul-91 to 10-Sep-02

pet photo

My beautiful Yellow Lab Bogey, or Babybogey, as I called him, left me unfairly and too soon. He was a wonderful, faithfull, fun-loving companion, the perfect friend. He never turned a deaf ear to my problems only to stare like he knew what was wrong and then licked my tears away. I still see him playing in the yard and catching the tennis ball, I thought he would play forever. He swam like an Olympian and ran like one too. He was unbeatable playing hide and seek, but I tried. He slept in my uncomfortable waterbed just to be near me, and when nature called, he was there at the bathroom door when I was done. He listened to my god awful blaring music, and never batted an eye, as long as he was with me, he didnt care. Unconditional love he gave, rivaling only a mother_s love. Bogey will be missed and never forgotten because he is in every dream. When I see another dog, I will see Bogey. When I smile, I will see Bogey. When I cry I will see Bogey....... You are etched in my heart forever. My Babybogey, Unforgettable. Love, Daddy (Bill), Grandma, Bobby, K.C., Mike, Taren, Dannielle, Joey, Nemo, Tammy, Shelley, Joanne, Scott, Raquel, Brianne, Lindsey, Matthew, Nikki, Neil, Melissa....and everyone you touched with your smile! P.S. Let Hydro get the Tennis Ball once in a while! I Miss You