Andy & Champ

The Boys Loved so much missed even more

April 29, 1989 & 1987 to 30-Aug-02

pet photo

We had two family pets that died. They were like brothers but they were not from the same family. Andy was the Silky Yorkie and Champ was the Pomeranian. We loved them so. Over the years they aged and had health issues but they still were good dogs. My mom was their primary care giver. We kept them living as long as we could, but the decision was made that their suffering was too much. They were put to sleep together side by side. Together forever they will always be. Sometimes I think they are still here on earth I forget they are gone from sight but not from our hearts or minds. The hole in our hearts remains empty. They were loyal, friendly, and tried their best to please us until it became too much. As long as I live I will never forget them. I cannot wait until we are together again. They loved us and we loved them too. Boys I love you and will think of you every day.