Gone But Never Forgotten

found:8/11/99 to 11/3/01

pet photo

You were only with us for two short years but it felt more like 20.You were the sweetest cat i ever knew. You would never get mad, bite, or scratch unless u were severely provoked. You could always be found downstairs sleeping on the couch or eating food(which u loved to do and as a result u were the fattest cat i knew!). Whenever u wanted to go outside, be fed, or just wanted attention, u would hit a bell that was hanging from the doorknob. I would often times come downstairs just to pet u and be with u. You would instantly start purring and i knew that u were happy to be living with us. I will never forget the morning that my mom told u that u were gone. I still cry about losing u but i know that u r in a better place and u r smiling down on me and my family everyday. I will alwayz have the memories and the good times that we shared together. I will never forget u and i will alwayz miss u. I luv u!!!
luv alwayz and forever,