1988 to 21-Nov-01

pet photo

GiMi, I miss you so... I_m so sorry I was not there with you that night. If I were home, I knew this won_t happen to you! I know you had suffered a lot that night. Sorry, GiMi!! I still believe that you had a few more years with us. The unique smell you had and how you begged for food...

I still remember how you loved to travel on mommy_s car, with your nose sticking on the window. How you greet us when we come home. You loved to sit beside our feet while me or Ah B was playing computers. Right after you took a shower every time, you would loved to run around the house and then run to the balcony to pee. We would give you a treat after you finish your pee. That was sooooo funny!

GiMi, you will always be in our hearts. You will never be forgotton!

I love U Always!!

Hong Kong