Star and Wood

Your tank may be gone, but the memory lives on

11/30/00 to 5/13/02

pet photo

It is clear to me, that two more perfect fish never swam so close. When you were together, it was like there wasn_t another fish in the world and your mutual attraction was obvious to all who looked in the tank. The way you swam, side-by-side and loop-the-loop, without tiring, was like you were made for each other. You could go for hours without food or stopping to the point where it would scare me sometimes, but I came to realize how special your relationship was. Two fish, made for each other, sharing so many common interests - ice skating, sushi, sky diving... I am sure, right now in fishy heaven, you are swimming without boundaries in ways you couldn_t here in your little plastic world. Fate threw you, and kept you, together, but alas a horrible accident brought your bliss to a close. Swim, swim Star and Wood - I have such incredible memories.