My Best Friend For Eternity

11-Nov-95 to 18-Apr-02

pet photo

My dog Rielly was a funny little dog. She had hair, not fur and was a terrior at heart. She loved to play ball, tug-o-war and hand games. She thought practically everything was a toy and her latest "toy" was paper coin rolls! She also loved citrus fruit and you could tell that she liked you a lot better if you had some on hand. I am 18 and Rielly was my dog. I did everything for her and I miss her so much. I miss her "kisses", her little paws, the sound of her nails on the floors, her bark, her smell, her floppy little ears, but most of all her love. She was my best friend and always new when I needed her. She would come to my side and lay down(she would never pass up a belly rub!)and that was comfort enough. I could talk to her and she would listen to me with out complaint. She was the best dog on the planet and will be severly missed.