Merlees Class Act

Resting at Home

23-Mar-90 to 9-Mar-02

pet photo

Merlee had a heart of gold and an amazing will to live. Merlee was foundered when we bought him. Although we tried everything to make him better or even a little more comfortable, this was one battle that we lost. I promised him we would never give up on him until he told us he was finished and on that day I will never forget the look of relief when the pain stopped. He was 16.1 hands tall ond almost as broad as tall, however he was a total gentleman to anyone that came in contact with him. All of the things that we tried were totally fine with him.
Merlee my love, I think about you every day ! Every time that I go to the barn I listen for you to tell me hello, I look for that face to peek over the wall and you are not there. Just to let you know Boomer is now in your stall, we had to take him away from the girls he_s growing up you know-he peeks at me and talks too. Until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge I_ll miss you !! Love MOM