My Mugsy Boy

May-91 to 2-Feb

pet photo are sadly missed big guy...You gave me 11 GREAT years and Love you for it....Out of all four you are the one that had to be 1st in all things |smile|.
When the good Vet told me that you had Cancar I didnt want to hear looked at Mommy with those eyes and I told you I will do what I can to save you but when he took a look on the inside and told me thats looked grim I want to help you to the rainbow...I rush over to the vet and held your paw....Mugs you are me big guy and I loved you so much I couldn_t hold on to you..I look out my window and see your headstone and think of you ..I heard you call me the other night and it made me smile....wait for me Mugs my big guy
Love Mommy