4th April 1991 to 6th Jan 2002

pet photo

My dearest Tau Tau,

It was more than a month since the day you_ve gone.I_m still missing you terribly.Our house is too quiet & lonely without your barks.My baby, are you feeling cold & lonely there???

Once, Daddy & I would like to adopt one yorkshire terrier from the HKSPCA, because the house is completely different without your prensence.We want him/her to heal our wounds.But we gave up finally, since you are so unique, so loyal & so sweet to us.There will be no other one can replace you.We only want you back !!!

Mummy really miss you very very much. May I see you in my dream??I am still remember in the old days, You always slept under my feet when I were playing the computer. But now there is only your photo in front of me.

All of us still cannot accept the death of you. That_s why we keep on serving you meals & treats ,and kissing you good nights as usual.Even Baby Nicholas can call your name whenever he see your beautiful photo at the head-board of my bed.He seems understand the pain of me in losing you.

In this world you had suffered too much.
my baby ,my son, now you can be be a happy angel dog in the heaven of God. Mummy promises when the day comes, we will meet again there & never apart.

And my love for you will never die & never end......

with love & tears.

Hong Kong