We'd like to introduce ourselves

Mom and dad

We are Tony and Cheryl Berumen, a Ma and Pa web development team. Tony does all the programming and Cheryl does the design. We have a little business, Imagitec, Inc., and work out of our home in Northern Monterey County, California, just a stone's throw (almost) from the world-famous Silicon Valley.

We do all the work for this web site ourselves. Cheryl does the bulk of it — adding new memorials every day or so. And Cheryl has finally found time in her schedule to redesign the web site (again). It's been long overdue. Now it's time for another overhaul! Tony has created the programming and database that made this site possible. It was also his idea, way back in the mid-1990s.

Our start

When we started this site, it was with the single memorial of Simon, a remarkable cat of Cheryl's who died in the 1970s. We wondered how in the world it would ever grow beyond that point. Thanks to you, it has grown well beyond the one memorial and now the site has memorials from every state of the USA and many countries all over the world. The success of Pet Memories Online is due to all these contributions and we want to thank you. You've shared your feelings and memories with the animal-loving community of the world and we've all been the richer for it.

The punk

Th PunkAbout our memories of our own little one. You'll see her photo in the center of the logo. She was 14 years old when she died October 5, 2000. We'd had her since she was a kitten and she really was the best cat in the world. She was a typical calico: very affectionate but with quite a temper. Her name was Punkin, but of course she had a lot of nicknames: Baby, The Punk, Stinks, and Little Angel. After our son grew up and left the nest, she was an only child, and wouldn't tolerate other animals around. She was happiest hunting lizards, lying in the sun on the carpet, sleeping in Cheryl's lap and getting her morning brushing. She loved to eat, this despite having almost no teeth. We had most of them removed for health reasons — she had feline leukemia as a kitten. It's funny what our animal friends like most to eat. The Punk loved fortune cookies and sardines, although not together. When we think of her now, we remember how beautiful and soft she was and how she enriched our lives. She made us laugh and was always there.

The PunkShe died very suddenly at the Vet's from what we think was a brain tumor. For one day, she experienced seizures, and then her life ended. She died as she had lived: simply and elegantly. We hadn't even known she was sick.

Share your stories

When we love our animal friends and they leave us we all feel pain and sorrow and the tears can't be helped. We believe it helps ease the pain a little to share our stories with our friends and family. Thank you very much for using Pet Memories Online.